Hello world!

Hey all,

We’ve finally gotten to a place with wi-fi and a bit of time to start posting. For those of you following us on facebook, this should be a little more detailed and we hope, of more interest 🙂 Last night, it didn’t look like we’d be here, but Abba is faithful! Where are we, you ask? About 15 minutes from my “baby” sister, Janet’s home in TN. She treated us to an awesome meal at Outback Steakhouse- oooh- just realized I should’ve photographed that scrumptious meal- sorry :/ I DID remember to have Mark photograph Janet and I 🙂

I haven’t done a tutorial on this, so it’ll be a bit drab for a few posts until I get the hang of it….pray that I’ll be a quick study 🙂

We’ve been racking our brains trying to come up with a title for the blog…. Mark suggested that I start writing it and he’s trusting that it’ll become apparent. So, bear with the title as it stands….for now.

Well, we’ve had a LONG day, traveling over a snowy mountain from Boone, NC to where we are tonight- Baileyton, TN. I’ll sign off for now, but know that I’ll be back SOON.

Cerca trova,